Final Project (Summary)

A main issue that my peers saw with my previous photos was that they did not see the relation between them. I have since added more photos to help them all relate (except for the puppy picture, I just think its a great photo and wanted to keep it included). Also, a comment mentioned that one my photographs, the boy and the girl, wasn’t as good of quality as the others. Originally I put that photograph in because of the expressions on their faces that draw a viewer in to the picture. I took it out because after reviewing it I did notice that the lighting wasn’t very flattering to the photograph; there was no background and it didn’t look very professional.

The concentration of my final project is people, up close and personal. I feel all of these pictures are a great example of that. The photograph of two people at the cubs game has a wide range of colors that look very well together. I didn’t want to do much editing to it because of this. The picture of the girl with avatar face paint is another favorite of mine; the colors contrast making it interesting to look at, the blurred edges put all attention to her face, and the angle at which the picture was taken is appealing. The photograph of the little boy in orange is strong in that though there is so much of one color, which I did editing too, the saturation of his face does not change. I chose to strengthen the definition in order to make this happen. The picture of the three men; one up close and the other two faded in the background is a good example of how I have grown with photoshop since the start of the course. I defined the one man’s face, while the other two faces don’t stand out as much but are still visible.


Over the course of this quarter, I have realized what I enjoy taking pictures of. Going in to the class, I figured I would enjoy taking pictures of every day things, but really got a sense of what exactly to focus on through the various activities. Researching artist Joel Sternfeld is what made me understand this the most. His art, simple yet so complex, really spoke to me in that I stated to recognize the beauty in little things such as facial expressions and landscapes. Ordinary things that you normally wouldn’t realize are actually much more meaningful. I like all types of digital photography; but have decided that my favorite kind to photograph and look at are pictures that tell stories. In my emulation of Sternfeld’s work, I took a picture of a construction worker and a delivery man. Many people would look over these photographs but when you take the time to look at them you can see much more than what is on the surface. I don’t look at the photograph of the construction worker as just a picture of men at work; I see a team, a family, a group of three guys who spend their entire day together. Those three men probably have a stronger bond than many families. Each of their facial expressions tells a different story. The man in the red is tired, he’s worked hard and with the sun at noon shining brightly in his face he knows his day isn’t over. The man below has a smirk on his face; it seems as though he loves what he does, though it doesn’t pay much and he’s covered in dirt he’ll still crack a smile for the camera. The man in the forklift is kicking back; enjoying a peaceful second while his boss is turned around for a photograph. This course has taught me to take the time to have observations like that.

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Final Project: Up Close & Personal (Revised)

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Blog 5

When deciding what I wanted to have in my portfolio for the final project, I thought about my pictures thus far. As you can tell, I like to photograph images of every day things. I find art like this to be most interesting because it takes a simple thing and gets people to think about it. Every day you walk past, for example, a man watering his plants. If you were to photograph that man watering his plants and stare at it for a long period of time, you would be able to create a story about that man and have a new sense of appreciation for it.

For this project, I concentrated on faces. People, specifically faces are really fun to photograph because of the story they tell. Facial expressions are fascinating in that they can portray so much about the mood of a photograph. In terms of editing, I didn’t do much to the photos that would change the faces because there is already so much beauty evident in them.

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Assignment 5: Up Close & Personal

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Critique of Amanda Haws Emulation

Amanda did a good job of emulating Cindy Sherman’s photography. I feel she does this the best in the 2nd and 4th photos. In the 2nd photograph, titled doll porn, the set up of the photograph matches that of Cindy Sherman’s very well. The 4th photograph, Drunken Suicide, emulates Cindy Sherman’s the best in terms of lighting. Amanda could have improved with the quality of the photographs. While each of them were set up much like that of Cindy Shermans, the lighting is not the same. For example, in photograph 3, Bed Ashamed, she could have very easily put more changed the lighting to create a better emulation. Overall, Amanda did a good job, there could have just been some improvement.

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Assignment 4: Face time

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Joel Sternfeld (Alexx’s Version)

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Assignment 3: Joel Sternfeld

Joel Sternfeld is an artist that I find appealing because of the way he photographs as kind of like a documentary. He concentrates on irony, which I love. His use of color is also something that caught my attention and makes me eager to emulate his work! I have always been interested in art that makes you think, and Sternfeld’s art definitely does so through his use of human presence in the world. Sternfeld graduated with from Dartmouth College and currently teaches at Sarah Lawrence College in New York.


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Blog post 3: Critique – Amanda Haws

These pictures perfectly depict the Autumn days we have been experiencing lately. The color scheme is red and orange, just like what we see every day of the Fall season. I really like the picture with the shoes, because it shows a nice contrast between the reds. Also, the contrast between the blue and red in the picture of the tree and sky work well together. The close up picture of the leaf could be a little less zoomed in to add more to the picture. I don’t really see much adjustment to the values, but also don’t really feel much would be needed to be done due to the quality of the photos and the vibrant colors to begin with.

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Assignment 2 [Pix and The City]


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